What vodka coolers are made from potatoes?

by Melanie
(Vernon, BC, Canada)

I am allergic to gluten, dairy, wheat, buckwheat, and cochineal red food dye... I have reacted to vodka made from grain and so I stay away from it, but I can't seem to find any vodka coolers that are made from potatoes or grapes. Do you know of any? I have reacted to Mike's Hard Lemonade, even though it states that the are GF.

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Dec 12, 2013
Potato Vodka
by: Anonymous

I don't know about vodka coolers. I would think coolers themselves would have additives that would probably have gluten in them.

I can tell immediately once I've had a vodka that is made from gluten ingredients. They try to say it is taken out in the distilling process. I may not get physically sick as I would eating gluten, but I almost immediately get a burning headache behind my eyes. Gluten free vodka, I can drink a lot (within reason of getting drunk) and feel absolutely no reactions of a hangover the next day.

Gluten Free Vodka's
Tito's - It's made from corn and I've never had a reaction, it's great.

Monopolowa - made from potatoes, great price and great vodka.

Luksusowa - also made from potatoes, I wasn't overly excited with it the taste was as pleasant as the Monopolowa but no reactions.

Ciroc - I have not actually tried this one. It's made from grapes. It is a french vodka, and very expensive.

SKYY (unflavored) - It's made from grains. That was all I could find out. I know that is vague but I seem to do alright with it. I have had it out, and don't have reactions that night or the next day.

Please avoid all flavored vodka. The flavoring added to them does have gluten and you will actually get physically sick, not just get a headache.

All the other vodka's I have found have given me a reaction. We're very limited here so if you know of any not listed here that may only be in your area, please add to the list.

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