Viral, viral, viral

I had never really had any stomach issues that would shed any light on my celiac disease. Then on August 23, 2011, I woke up in the morning and had diahera. It lasted most of the day. Then I had it the next day and the day after that. I had diahera for 25 days straight. I went to my doctor on day 10 when I realized I had lost 17 pounds. They just took some blood to test and I went home to get them a stool sample. My sister took the sample to the Dr's office the next day and she told them that I had lost another 3 pounds overnight. They said to take me to the ER. The ER took blood and put me on an IV drip. They asked me lots of questions and told me my levels were very low. They sent me home and I was back in the ER within 10 hours. All they would say is they thought it was viral. Got more fluids and was sent home. I was getting worse and weaker and had no idea what was wrong. I ended up in the ER 4 times before they finally realized I should spend the night. That turned into 7 days in the hospital. Lots of blood tests, abdominal cat scan, colonoscopy. All results came back fine, again I was told viral. Due to a holiday weekend, I saw 5 GI Dr's over a 4 day period. They all said the same thing, viral. On 7th day in hospital, I was asked by the hospitalist I I wanted to go home. Of I did, the only requirement was I had to eat before they would release me. I had only had liquids for over a week and they bring me pork chops, mashed potatoes with gravy and green beans. I was so frustrated, I had a couple bites of everything or should I say forced it down. By this time I not only still had diahera, but now I was vomiting. I went hot my sisters home and in the middle of the night, I got so sick, I had no control over wht I was doing. I had vomited and had diahera for 2 hours. I was shaking so bad, I could hardly walk. See my sister is hard of hearing and couldn't hear me yelling for her. I tried to make my way into her kitchen for water, and that is where she found me passed out on the floor. Called for an ambulance, but I refused to go. My family took me to the ER and by the time I got there my blood pressure was 70/50. That day I was truly scared and knew I was ill. Oh did I mention, I had lost another 10 pounds while in the hospital. In the ER, I was again told hat they really thought it was viral, and they would keep me overnight to get my fluids back up. I checked myself out of the ER and went to a university hospital. By that time my levels were back up due to the fluids I had received at the former ER. The university hospital couldn't find reason enough to keep me, so I was again sent home. That night at 2 o'clock in the morning, I started vomiting and having diarrhea again. I was taken back to ER and told them to just make a standing reservation for me everyday. The Dr decided again to admit me. The hospitalist came into my room and asked ME what I would like to do. I told him I wanted an endoscopy, since he couldn't seem to suggest it. The test finally came back and the GI Dr literally ran in my room and told me I was a celiac. I lost a total of 43 pounds in just over 4 weeks. I continued to have diahera and vomiting for several weeks after I got diagnosed. The Dr said it was because there was so much damage to my insides. I was eventually put on steroids and that helped almost immediately. It has taken all of a year to recooperate and I still struggle with side effects from malnutrition. I lost a tremendous amount of muscle in my legs and was so weak, I could only stand for a few minutes at a time. I started losing my hair in January, 2012 and had 15 steroid shots in my head. That has gotten better and my strength has improved, however, I still am very weak. I have no trouble being a celiac. The diet doesn't bother me at all. I have to be very careful because I am so extremely sensitive. It is my hope that Dr's start looking for celiac sooner rather then later. I know my Dr has started to test for it sooner than he did before.

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