Watch Excellent Educational Videos About Kids With Celiac Disease!

Below are videos about kids with celiac disease. Some videos are actual children talking about how they cope with following a gluten free diet. Other videos are more educational about how celiac is diagnosed in children or what symptoms kids might have.

The first video is one of the best videos I have found about actual children discussing how the deal with CD. Listening to kids describe how they deal with the challenges of celiac disease is very powerful and I hope you find these informative!

Personal experiences and advice from kids diagnosed with celiac disease.

Gluten allergies can affect children and adults in very different ways. Learn about the different effects of gluten allergies with expert tips on celiac disease in this free nutrition video.

The video explains how kids can cope with Celiac disease by using Kumquats hand puppets as they are a great communicator with kids. Thank's to Dr. Quiros from the Pacific Medical Center for this great little movie.

If your child suffers from celiac disease there's a good chance you don't know it, but the disease can have long term consequences for your child's health. Dr. Ghassan Wabeh and others discuss the disease in children and teens.

Lara Field, pediatric dietitian at Comer Children's Hospital at the University of Chicago, talks about how children with celiac disease can learn to manage a gluten-free diet.

Parents, Family, Friends play a large role in childrens perception of and adaption to "Celiac Disease".If you have a "child with celiac disease" 5 or under, then this video is for you.

How to prepare your child with celiac disease for school and ensure that it's a safe environment for him or her.

Karina of talks to Disney Chefs about food allergies and the parks' and resorts' special policies that cater to food-allergic guests as well as those with other dietary restrictions including diabetes and Celiac disease.

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