Susan Chance

by Susan
(North Carolina)

I was diagnosed most of my life with I.B.S....had my first colonoscopy at age 39 ! No problems seen. Time goes on and I move out of state, begin to have severe loose bowels (sometimes 8-8 times a day). A had a G.I. Doctor that would not give up on me...another colonoscopy, then blood work, then an endoscopy....BAMB !! celiac disease at age 56 !!!---now totally gluten-free. Researched my family history, realized my diseased dad must have had it, too. I just have been operated on for acute/severe diverticulitis. Not easy getting enough fiber being a celiac. It is a journey, but I will share my story with anyone that will listen. Never give up !!

Steve's response: Thanks Susan for sharing your story. Hopefully being gluten free has made you feel better!

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