Stomach Cramps, Diarrhoea and Vomitting

by Colum

My mother has celiacs disease and I feel I may have it as well. I have most of the symptoms on the checklist but one that concerns me is a horrible test in my mouth when I feel really unwell. I suffer from severe intestinal discomfort and diarrhoea. During this period I have a horrible taste in my mouth that forces me to vomit - this is not nice. Is this something you have heard of or experienced yourself? Your website is amazing by the way. Thank you.

Steve's response: Thank you Colum for your question. My son had similar symptoms as you before he swtiched to a gluten free diet. Specifically he used to complain about his throat tasting bad and his doctor said it was acid reflux due to complications from celiac disease. Maybe that's what you are experiencing? My son also had severe stomach pain. My suggestion to you is go get tested. See a good digestive doctor and get tested. Good luck.

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