Started with a trip to the Dominican Republic...

by Laura

5 years ago I got a horrible baterial infection in my stomach while on vacation. I continued to have stomach pain from time to time, but was told by a Dr to include more fiber in my diet. I started eating healthier breakfasts (which included even more gluten, unbeknownst to me) and my stomach bloating, pain, and irritability worsened. 2 years ago I was told I had IBS and to decrease my stress levels. Last year the stomach pain & bloating was a daily event, my irritability and tiredness was out of control, and I had developed a rash on my upper arsm and upper legs. Having knowledge of the disease, I insisted on being tested and on November 2010 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Syptoms prior to going Gluten-Free
- stomach pain
- extreme stomach bloating
- irritability
- eczema-looking rash the size of quarters on my triceps and quads.
- low level of energy
- unexplained fever and nausea

Symptoms since going Gluten-Free, and when I accidentally ingest gluten.
- stomach bloating
- stomach pain
- smelly gas
- diarrhea
- dermatistis herpeformis spots appear on arms and legs, always the same spots, disappear after a few days
- extreme acid reflux
- extreme tiredness out of nowhere
- irritability
- eyelashes have grown considerably (had to put a positive one in there!! )

Steve's response: Thank you Laura for your comments. Since you are experiencing some same symptoms after going gluten free you may want to make sure you are absolutley 100% gluten free 100% of the time. Cross contamination of food containng gluten in restaurants and even in your own kitchen can still cause problems. Check out my gluten free kitchen page. My son is 100% gluten free and he (knock on wood) never has had any bad symptoms since. Good luck!

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