Soap etc.

by Deb
(Arlington Hts, IL)

Do you have recommendations for laundry detergent, dryer sheets, body wash, shampoo, or other personal care items? Very few common brands listed in the GF Grocery Shopping Guide. We usually buy these kinds of items at Costco or Sam's Club. Thanks for your help.

Owner's response: Thank you for the question. This is a very good question since most of the information regarding living gluten free is centered around gluten free food vs gluten free persoanl care products. I know there could be a problem with specific personal care products with celiacs. My son personally has not had any issues with toothpastes and shampoos etc.. however that doesn't mean other celiacs may have issues.

Therefore I am attaching a link to a page on the Celiac Disease Foundation website that lists many gluten free soap/shampoo/personal care products. I hope you find it useful? Here is a link you can just cut and paste into your web browser:

Good luck!

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