Should I re-test for Celiac Disease if my lifelong diet has not been perfectly GF?

by Miss Nobody

I was diagnosed in early infancy and grew up on a GF diet, however neither my parents nor I have been very strict on avoiding cross-contamination, nor was I extremely strict on products with a moderate amount of gluten (such as beer - having a little every once in a while, and non-GF corn flakes that contain barley malt). If I were to have the serology tests done (Anti TG, anti-gliadin) , will they be relevant in showing my state without having gone through a proper gluten challenge?

Steve's Answer:

If you were offically diagnosed with celiac in early infancy, I would assume you still have celiac disease today because there is no real cure for the disease. So if you have been eating non gluten free food, you probably have signs of celiac disease that you may not even know about? If you were to be re-tested, I would bet your blood test would still come back positive showing antibodies and if you were to be scoped, I would bet your small intestine would show signs of damaged villi as a result of not maintaining a strict GF diet. Some people have hidden celiac and might not show signs or have symptoms but that doesn't mean they don't have the disease?

I am not a doctor but I would advise that you ask your doctor get re-tested and if you are still positive, ask about going on a strict 100% gluten free diet immediatley.

Good luck!

PS - They sell GF beer now! Check out my gluten free alcohol page!

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