Self-Diagnosis: Process of Elimination

by Ruth
(Everett, WA, USA)

I haven't seen a doctor in eight years so I don't know what, exactly, my problem is for sure. All I know is the simple answer of 'If I don't eat this I don't feel sick'.

I first noticed my problems with an 'ucky' feeling throat and loose stool that edged close to diarrhea, usually shortly after eating. My mother has a ton of allergies, so I concluded I needed to try cutting things out.
My first attempt? Milk.
It helped some, up until I concluded it wasn't doing much. At lunch, in line at Subway, I had the brilliant and unpleasant idea that maybe it was the other half of my typical meals causing it: bread and cereal and pasta.
I was not much happier with that conclusion, but the symptoms indeed cleared up. If I fall off the wagon and indulge, I get pains in my gut and the same symptoms back again, so no sign it's going away.
And, of course, a few months ago the milk allergy flared up for real.
Worst. Allergy mix. Ever. But I have managed and shall carry on. Thank God for quinoa.

Steve's Response: Thanks for the comments. I would suggest seeing a doctor to at least get tested for celiac disease. You have many of the symptoms but a blood test will help rule it in or out. Good luck.

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