Self Diagnosed @ 55

by Dan
(New Windsor NY)

Been to all the doctors.

Got allergy shots for 5 yrs.
Took nexium , antiacids ,and many
other prescriptions and over the
counter stomach meds.
Nothing seemed to work,so, I've never
been diagnosed with CD ,but recently
{past 4 months} tried going on a
gluten free diet. Guess what? ! Feel
better than I have in 20 years.
Won't be dieing any time soon.
My symptoms-
Acid reflux
Inability to gain weight
Toenail fungus
Joint pain
Swelling of the joints in my fingers/with pain
Sinus infections
Back pain
Sore throat
Sore joints in feet
Stiff neck
and many other symptoms
This leads me to the last thoughts I want to
share with anyone who may be having some of the
same health problems and can't seem to put your
finger on it. All those doctors ,time and money.
My toe nail fungus ,gone. All the symptoms , gone.
I'm gaining weight and have all kinds of energy .
It is hard to avoid eating foods with some traces
gluten. Sticking close to a gluten free diet has
really helped me.

Steve's Response: Dan, thank you for sharing your personal experience with a gluten free diet! You may have a gluten intolerence or you may have Celiac Disease based on your symptoms. You should get tested but since you have been gluten free for several months, the test may be inconclusive? However, happy to see your feeling better following a GF diet!

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