Red wines vs white

by Christina
(Lake Forest CA)

I have had many the gluten reaction to different wines. I have found that reds are mostly out of the question since they we aged in porous oak barrels. The only wine I have had no reaction to (and like to keep it that way) is New Zealand Winery whites. Many are aged in Steel barrels which can be sterilized between uses cutting cross contamination significantly. What is the general consensus on wines and Celiac safety?

Response: "Generally" speaking, pure red or white wines are considered safe because they are distilled. Below is a link to an article on the Celiac Disease Foundation website that refers to wine as being gluten free:

However, if you are in doubt and are getting a reaction, then I would recommend avoiding it.

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Dec 12, 2013
Wine is Gluten Free but you may still have reactions
by: Anonymous

All wine is gluten free but here is something I have found with wine.

Sulfites do occur naturally in wine, but sulfites added to wine can cause additional issue for people. It seems people who have celiac may be more prone to sensitivity to these additives. Salicylates in general are what seem to cause the problems. It has been an argument for some time that sulfites do not deserve the bad rap they get but since I found I couldn't have gluten I have found I have had a lot of reactions to things that didn't bother me before, or they bother me more now.

I was in Europe for work, again I say work so it was not a relaxing vacation, and I had absolutely no reaction to the wine I had all week. I had wine every place we went, and no reaction. If you don't know wines in Europe do not have sulfites added to them. There are other ingredients in wine's like Tannins that can also cause a reaction but I believe if you have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity it just causes you to be more sensitive.

What I have found, avoid cheap wine like the plague, you will pay for it! If it doesn't taste to great going down, put it down. It will most definitely cause a bad reaction. Red wines are going to affect you more than whites. If you have a choice go for white (I am a reds fan myself but I try to avoid the reaction), and if you can cut it with club soda you can help avoid any issues. My coworker has celiac and since going gluten free she has a reaction to wine (as in she breaks out in hives, it happened in front of my eyes), and other Salicylates foods.

The link above lists foods with Salicylates in them. If you have a reaction to any of these you should avoid them.

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