recent ceoliac

by Kirsty

I was only recently diagnosed with ceoliac disease, having only been on my diet less than a year and am still being monitored by my hospital. I was a silent ceoliac, in the sense that I didn't really suffer from any of the main symptoms, I developed extremely bad eczema prior to my diagnosis, but as this was not the skin condition linked with the disease, I never thought this could be a result from being ceoliac, and I still am sceptical about whether it was now. I also discovered, however, that I did have a fair amount of weight loss and a lack of appetite. I was diagnosed extremely quickly, so I could have developed more had it not been discovered so quickly. Since being on my diet, I haven't found it to be too difficult, I guess because you know you can't eat foods with gluten in, you stop wanting them. The only difficulty I really have is when I'm at university and want something quick to eat, it is very hard as you can't have any fast food, or sandwiches, and in that respect, you find there is very little you can eat. I haven't really felt many differences since starting the diet, but I guess this is because I never really felt ill before anyway. I do have my appetite back and so hopefully my weight is starting to creep up to a healthy one.

Steve's response: Thanks for sharing your personal experiences about celiac disease. IT really does bring more awareness and helps others to over come some of the struggles of a gluten free diet.

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