Pregnancy and celiacs

by Melanie

My son in law has celiacs. My daughter does NOT. She has been doing gluten free for about two years, out of convenience with cooking etc. She is pregnant. Suddenly, she is craving some of her favorite foods like raisin bran, and sandwiches and toast. She has been very nauseous and the rice crackers were not helping with the nausea and vomiting. Somehow, she heard that to prevent celiacs in her baby she should remain gluten free during her pregnancy and while nursing. I feel she should eat what she needs and craves and by eating gluten, the baby may tolerate it just fine. In homeopathy you give the substance that creates the reaction to build a tolerance. I cannot find anything about a non celiac Mom with a celiac Dad and what to do in pregnancy.

Steve's response: Thanks for your question. Since I am not a doctor I can not give you medical advice regarding your daughter's diet and it's effect on celiac disease with her baby. I personally have never heard of a baby contracting celiac disease through nursing or eating gluten during pregnancy but again I am not qualified to answer your question..sorry. However, I would recommend that the best person to answer your question is your daughter's OBGYN and/or the baby's Pediatrician and I would strongly suggest she check with them.

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Nov 11, 2011
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