Positive biopsy but negative bloodwork

by Andrea
(Canton, Ohio)

My 5 year old daughter has been vomiting A LOT (like 20+ times)for the past 3 months. She also is constipated frequently. She also is itchy a lot. Her pediatrician tried prevacid but did not help. I took her to pediatric gastroenterologist and he did an endoscopy. This showed atrophy of the intestinal villa and he said he was pretty sure it was celiac. He wanted her to get blood work in addition to confirm and this come back negative. Now he is saying it's not celiac but I am not so sure. Symptoms still continuing. Can a positive biopsy ever be wrong?

Steve's response: I would recommend a second opinion on the endoscopy and have another blood test. Maybe the blood test was showing a false reading? Usually the endoscopy is the true determining factor and if that showed signs of damaged villi, I would get another opinion?

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