Pei Wei

by Tracey
(Worthington, Ohio USA)

Pei Wei offers an interesting and tasty menu of asian foods. The staff is very attentive and they are meticulous when preparing gluten free food from the gluten free menu. The one time that they made an error, which was just that the kitchen made me the wrong gluten free menu entree and NOT a gluten issue, the manager gave me BOTH gluten free entrees for free PLUS a $30 gift card for the extra wait. I didn't even know there was an issue, so the manager approached us with all of the free food and gift certificates completely on his own. He did all of this out of respect and concern for the customer. They WANT our business and every person there knows a good bit about gluten free requirements. For fun, I asked the cashier on the last visit why I couldn't have tofu in the gluten free entree. He not only knew why, but was able to patiently explain the addition of wheat during the tofu manufacturing process. The intern at my last internist's appointment knew less about the issue than the Pei Wei cashier, so there is obviously some detailed corporate training at play here. The food is always so delicious! Lastly, I always buy a catering container full of brown rice and freeze it for fast meals, and they sell it to me for less than the high quality raw brown rice at any of my local groceries. This is my mainstay dinner out destination.

Steve's response: Thank you Tracey for the insight on this restaurant! Sounds like a great place for gluten free dieters to go! Sounds simialr to PF Changs which I highly recommend.

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