New mom, vegetarian with Celiacs disease & severe symptoms.

by Megan
(Oregon, USA)

My symptoms were brutal and horrifying. Clumps of hair falling out, my molars were loose and trying to fall out, extreme fatigue, joint pain, migraines, anxiety, rage & depression. I was misdiagnosed with ulcers even though they never ever scoped me for them. I was told I had personality disorders. But the funny thing is, once I went on a Paleo/Gluten free diet, everything went away including the mental health disruptions. Apparently my celiacs was triggered by pregnancy. So I was trying to heal from a cesarean and wondering why the heck I felt like I was dying and no doctor would take me seriously. It's been difficult to adapt, being vegetarian and having celiacs is hard. I'm also nursing an infant so I have to make sure I'm making a calorie quota. I used to be vegan but had to start eating eggs to get more protein.

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May 07, 2013
Re; Andrea
by: Megan

You can adjust the paleo diet to your vegetarian diet. I do! My diet consists of tofu, eggs, tons of nuts & beans, seeds & every fruit & veggie under the sun. With celiacs disease there's so much more than gluten we have to avoid and some of us respond different than others. Some take longer and some like me will respond immediately. Check out this link to It lists some other foods that may be contaminated with gluten.

And here are 2 other links from This one is the UNSAFE list:

This one is the SAFE list:

There are some things in the lists from that aren't clear, so when in doubt GO WITHOUT. This diet is the hardest thing, ever. I am always hungry & trying to make sure I eat enough to have a healthy milk supply for my nursing infant.

So yeah, your best bet is raw whole foods. Rinse everything & when getting nuts call the manufacturer and make sure the nuts aren't from a plant that processes wheat products. How long have you been eating gluten free? I also read that celiacs need more than just a gluten free diet. Sugars and all grains are just as harmful. Here's a link to that info. Watch the video.

They are really smart guys who have healed from celiac. Check out their eat this, not that list here:

I'm also still trying to dial this diet. It's so hard!!! I feel hungry all day!!!

May 02, 2013
vegetarian too
by: Andrea

I have recently been diagnosed with celiac and am vegetarian. I am still not well and guess it all takes time. What are you eating? I too am keen on the paelo but can't get past eating meat.

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