My mother's precaution on Celiac Disease!

by anindyac10

Hi !

This is a great forum that you have started and hope it really helps many who are in trouble. My mother was one who was suffering from Coeliac disease or Celiac disease from past four years. Whenever her diet contains any kind of gluten protein she would suffer from chronic diarrhea (characteristic symptoms of pale, loose and greasy stool) and would feel fatigue. She had a hard time controlling her diet without having wheat flour. Normally here at this part of the world rice and wheat flour are the mostly taken in lunch and dinner. Earlier when she use to take chappati's she used to have mild pains in her stomach and then this gradually grew to more acute pain associating with stool discharge.

Initially, she would take some pain killers to relieve from her the pain. This self diagnosis went for almost a year or so, but as days past by she started to feel very weak and depressed and most of the time she would sit in front of the TV or would lie in her bed.

Then one day a friend of mine who happened to visit me came to know about her condition, and suggested me to take to her a doctor, cause this was not a minor disorder and if neglected would turn nasty. Then the doctor asked her to examine stool, and was found that she had developed this disorder of Celiac disease. She was asked to take diet that does not contain gluten protein like bread, chappati, i.e. essentially a gluten free-diet, and was advice to take a very plain diet and to drink lot of water. This would be for the period of as long as her stools where free from the discharges and stomach was free from pain. This treatment went for over six months and she showed some results of relief. Even today she is cautious and maintains self control while taking wheat or bread.

She now totally free from any medication and has developed a habit of doing regular yoga. Hope this story of my mother would inspire somebody to take some positive action in treating Celiac Disease.

Thank you

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Mar 05, 2010
Nice Story!
by: Steve

Hi (India),

I'm glad your mother is feeling better. A gluten free diet is really the only known cure for celiac disease. My son Nick started feeling better within a few months after switching to a gluten free diet.

Thanks for sharing your Mom's story!

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