making gluten free bread for a friend....

by tim

me and my girlfriend have a good friend who can not eat gluten foods and i was wanting to bake something for her (as a surprise) and i know things like flour and yeast can have gluten in them (have already found gluten free yeast)

and i was just wondering if you might know of any of the following that might have gluten.... salt, butter, dry milk, sugar, and cinnamon

Steve's response: Thank you for the question! The only one I'm not 100% sure of is the dry milk but I looked it up and I don't see any gluten in it since its just dried milk fat? All of the others you asked are gluten free and we have never had a problem with those ingredients in food. Also you can refer to the my Gluten Free Diet webpage on the left menu to see a list of both safe and unsafe ingredients that our family always refers too.

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