Just Diagnosed

by Tarron

Hello, my name is Tarron, I'm sixteen, I live in Alaska and I was just diagnosed last January with CD, I need advice on how to work on school lunches, and alternatives for going and hanging out with friends. I feel left out, and over all, looked down upon. Anything will help. Thank you.

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Apr 24, 2013
I know how you feel!
by: Anonymous

I too am 16 and diagnosed! Its been hard especially with friends who constantly want to go out to eat at places I can't eat at. I have yet to find a great alternative for this!
I can however, help you with some lunch ideas! Recently I have been bringing lots of rice and potatoes in my lunches. I just had my mom go out and get me some small Tupperware and I make the rice or potatoes in advance and take them to school in my lunch. I like bringing these because, one I made them so I know they are safe, and two because the actually seem to fill me up. I at first was not bringing these and could never seem to get fully full off the food I was bringing, but rice and potatoes fill me up really well. They sell gluten free soy sauce that I usually put on the rice.
The whole looked down upon thing I cant help with either. There have been too many times people act like I am just buying into a fad diet or like it is just something that will pass. People don't seem to get the awful symptoms that come along with it and what can happen from just a little bit! Hopefully this helps, reading your post helped me a little bit knowing I'm not the only teen out there struggling with CD!

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