Is Jack Daniels new Honey Liquer Whiskey gluten free?

by Martin
(Pocatello, Id.)

Saw a youtube clip where the master taster said they take there old no.7 whiskey and add molasses, praline notes, and caramel notes. What is a note?
Anyhow I had leftovers the other night and had alot of gas afterward. I also tried a shot of this new whiskey. One or the other gave me a bad stomach experience.

Steve's response: Thanks Martin for your question and posting to my forum. I'm not sure if it JD Tennessee Honey is gluten free although it states on their website that their traditional whisky is gluten free. I'll post your question to my twitter account and facebook page to solicit responses. Check back to my website for updates? Here is the contact information if you want to write to JD's:

If you get a response, please com back to my forum page and share it with us!

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