How long does the celiac diagnosis process take?

by Dan

I've been to the doctors with the suspicion of Celiac disease... Its taken two weeks for me to get a load of blood tests done (because of work making me cancel my first appointment) and then it'll be a bit over a week till I get results (partly because the original doctor is away)

So the waiting is getting a bit fustrating now that I'm finally taking action on this... If the blood test comes back positive, anyone (talking british NHS here) got any idea how long it might take/ what happens, to get a full diagnosis and be able to start a gluten free diet? And if you do, how long does it take for various symptoms to stop?

Steve's Answer:

When my son first got diagnosed he took a blood test and they came back in a few days and told us it was positive. Then he went for an endoscopy to verify if there was damage to the small intestine from the gluten protein. The endoscopy took about two weeks to schedule. The results from that came back in a couple of days. So the whole diagnosis took about three full weeks.

As far as the gluten free diet, he started feeling better within a few weeks. Its amazing how fast you can recover once you eliminate 100% gluten from your diet.

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