I was told that Heineken is gluten free. Is this correct?

Steve's response: I do not believe it is gluten free. I pulled the following of Heineken's website's FAQ page:

Beer contains gluten, which comes from the grain from which it is brewed. Only a fraction of the gluten that the grain contains gets into the beer. The proportion depends on the kind of grain that is used. The use of barley results only in traces of gluten in the beer whilst wheat contributes considerably more. It also depends on the brewing process. Generally speaking: the clearer and blonder the beer is, the less gluten it may contain. Some people are allergic to gluten and have to follow a diet that minimises or excludes their gluten intake. Whether beer can be part of such a diet or not, is dependent on the extent of the allergy and the beer type consumed. In many cases lager beers pose no problem for people who have a gluten allergy. However, it is up to the individual to assess his or her sensitivity.

For people with celiac disease any trace of gluten is a problem. Gluten intolerant people may or may not have a problem.

Anyone else want to comment?

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Dec 08, 2013
It may be gluten free
by: Anonymous

This is what i found.
Heineken is a European beer brewed on license all over the world. In the UK it’s brewed in several locations including John Smith’s, and in the US it’s imported. It’s a pale lager beer that’s usually 5% by volume though it can be bought in 4%.

Heineken isn’t a speciality non-gluten beer, and so it’s made the same way as most beers. One of its key ingredients is barley and in this sense, it can’t be said to be gluten free.

But there’s more to the story than that. Pale beers are usually lower in gluten than darker beers or real ales, and Heineken is a very pale beer. The Heineken company also point out that the guidelines for declaring a product gluten free require it to contain less than 0.02% gluten. Heineken beer’s gluten levels are 0.0005%, meaning it can be technically described as gluten free. Heineken advise that gluten sensitive people check with their doctor before drinking Heineken but with gluten levels that low all but the most sensitive of celiac sufferers should be OK with it.

Even though it’s not literally totally free from gluten, Heineken is very low in gluten, and should be a safer choice than most beers if you’re stuck wondering what to order in the bar. It’s so low in gluten that it’s probably safe, but test-drive it in low amounts to be sure.

GFFL Response - I would caution ayone with celiac disease not to drink any beer that has any level of gluten in it. As the submitter states, it might be considered "low" in gluten but not 100% gluten free which as far as we know celiacs need to be 100% gluten free. However, soemone who is "gluten intolerant" and not diagnosed with celiac disease may be ok to consume Heinekin whoever we strongly urge you to check with your medical professional first!

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