Gluten Free Travel; Prepare Before You Leave!

Gluten free travel for vacations or business can be as challenging as going to restaurants or attending social gatherings. The key to overcome travel concerns is to prepare ahead before you head out on your trip.

***UPDATE***Are you taveling to Walt Disney World Orlando and need gluten free food choices? Check out my web pages on each of the 4 Disney Resorts for potential gluten free food items!

Gluten Free Food At Magic Kingdom
Gluten Free Food At Epcot

Gluten Free Food At Hollywood Studios

Gluten Free Food At Animal Kingdom

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As a family we have taken several trips with our son Nick. Preparing ahead of time really made the trip more enjoyable because we didn’t have to spend an enormous amount if time trying to find restaurants and food while we were already there.

Below are some tips that we can offer about traveling gluten free:

1. Prior to leaving on the trip, search for gluten free restaurants in the local area where you are staying that offer a gluten free menu and map them out.

2. Search for grocery stores in the area that carry gluten free food. One store that we usually seek out is a Wholefoods Market.

Wholefoods has very large gluten free bakery and many gluten free food items.

3. Bring food with you! Pack as much gluten free food and snacks as you can. We usually bring gluten free bread, gluten free pasta, gluten free pizza shells etc..

4. Make sure the hotel/motel you are staying at has a microwave in the room.

5. If traveling by air, bring a backpack full of non perishable food in the event the airline losses luggage.

One of our favorite destinations that we have traveled to with our family was Walt Disney World. We didn’t stay on the resort, rather we stayed just outside. However, I can tell you that we have eaten in many restaurants inside Disney World and the chefs were very accommodating to Nick’s gluten free diet.

Rainforest Café was one restaurant that offered to prepare food gluten free. We called ahead of time and they were ready for us when we came in.

Another place that we would go to while traveling to Disney was a buffet. Our favorite place was the Golden Corral.

The Golden Corral has many gluten free choices like sirloin steak, roasted chicken, baked potatos, salads, fruits, and vegetables.

Other gluten free food Nick has eaten at Disney World are those big huge smoked turkey legs. Those are cooked with no added sauces. He has never had a problem eating those.

If you want to learn more about eating gluten free at Walt Disney World, click here to go to the WDW Special Diet Web Page. It is thier webpage specifically for information about special dietary needs.

If you want other ideas or read about other tips and suggestions about gluten free travel, click on this Gluten Free Travel Link It is a blog that offers other valuable tips about traveling gluten free.

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