Maintaining a Gluten Free Kitchen is Critical for a GF Diet; See How We Prepare Our Kitchen to Avoid Gluten Contamination

Maintaining a gluten free kitchen in your home is essential for you or someone in your household living with celiac disease!

Why is this?

As stated earlier, avoiding gluten at all costs is critical for people with celiac disease. One major problem that can occur if you do not maintain a GF kitchen is cross contamination between foods that contain gluten and gluten free foods. Even the smallest amount of gluten can make a celiac patient sick so we keep a very strict GF kitchen for our son Nick.

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Click here to read about how Nick became very ill from eating french fries contaminated with gluten!

Below is how we maintain a gluten free kitchen:

Separate butter containers - we keep two separate tubs of butter to avoid bread crumbs from contaminating Nick's butter. We label his tub with his name to avoid confusion.

Separate toaster - Nick has his own personal bread toaster.

Separate colanders - Nick loves pasta so when we make pasta for dinner, we cook his gluten free pasta in a separate water pan and when we need to drain the water we use a separate colander for him.

Separate stirring utensils - Same as above, when we need to stir pasta or sauces, we use a separate stirring spoon for Nick. We make sure to keep these completely separate.

Separate frying pans - When we cook eggs we use a separate frying pan.

Separate spatula - Same as the frying pan above.

Separate cutting board - Especially if cutting bread or other products that contain gluten.

Separate condiment jars - Don't use the same spreadable condiment jars like jelly, cream cheese, mustard, ketchup and dips. Crumbs from butter knifes will definitely contaminate these with gluten.

Keep gluten free flour separate - Don't use wheat flour on the same surface or within the same proximity as gluten free flour. The wheat flour can stay airborne and cover or mix in with the gluten free flour.

Separate deep frying oil - NEVER NEVER deep fry gluten free items like french fries in the same cooking oil as breaded chicken or fish etc.. The oil is already contaminated from the breaded items and it will soak into the gluten free products.

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