Gluten free girl!

by Antoinette

My Gluten Free Journey has been a long one, struggling with average health, annoying, frustrating symptoms, and often looking for answers. Being diagnosed has been a life changing experience in a very positive way. Eliminating gluten from my diet has completely transformed the way I feel. I am so much happier and healthier now which is reflected in every aspect of my life. Eliminating gluten was not easy at first as I craved many of the foods I wasn't allowed, but the result of feeling amazing outweighs eating those foods by far! I now hardly ever crave foods with gluten as I have discovered so many amazing alternatives.

Please feel free to contact me on any subject regarding Celiac disease as I am more than happy to answer questions and share Gluten Free recipes and tips!

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Steve's Response: Thanks for the post and information! Nice blog also!

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