Gluten Free Food Items At Disney's Hollywood Studios®

The following is a list of gluten free food items available at Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios® in Orlando, Fl (at the time of writing this web page).

This information is based on research I have conducted through the internet forums/websites, my own personal experiences based on our family’s recent visits to the resort and discussions with WDW personnel/guest services while visiting the resort.

Disclaimer: The following list contains over 40 gluten free items at 14 various locations within Magic Kingdom®. Since these food options are based solely on my own personal research and from actual visits to WDW. Although I am fairly confident in the below list, I can not be held liable for any inaccuracies. This list is strictly informational only and matters of opinion on gluten free selections at WDW. Always verify ingredients on labels and always ask to speak with a chef or manager if you are not sure about the ingredients.

Backlot Express

• All-Beef Hamburger with the Ener-G Foods Bun
• All-Beef Hot Dog with Ener-G Foods Bun
• Black Bean Salad
• Southwest Salad

ABC Commissary

• All-Beef Hamburger with the Ener-G Foods Bun
• Chicken Bleu Sandwich with the Ener-G Foods Bun
• French Fries in a designated fryer

Studio Catering Co. Flatbread Grill

• Grilled Chicken Breast Quarter with Black Beans and White Rice
• Greek Salad
• All-Beef Hot Dog without the Chili

Toy Story Pizza Planet

• Amy’s Brand Gluten Free Pizza
• Toy Story Chicken Salad
• Caprese Salad
• Side Salad

Sunset Market Ranch

• Anaheim Produce: Whole Fruits, Seasonal Berries, Carrots, Grapes, and Mixed Fruit
• Rosie’s: Hamburger without the Bun – Potato Salad
• Toluca Legs: Smoked Turkey Leg
• Fair Fax Faire: All-Beef Hot Dog without Chili, Pork Salad

Dinosaur Gertie’s

• Chocolate and Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream without the cone

Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner

• Chocolate and Vanilla Milk Shakes

Outdoor Foods

• Frozen Banana
• Itzakadoozie
• Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar
• Strawberry Fruit Bar – Edy’s
• Popcorn

Teen’s and Tween’s

• Soft Serve Ice Cream without the cone
• Smoothie’s- Mango-Passion, Orange-Pineapple, Strawberry, Banana, Cappuccin

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