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I receive many questions regarding my opinion of specific gluten free alcoholic beverages and which ones are gluten free. Since there are thousands of different options, I understand how there could be confusion on which alcoholic beverages area actually safe from gluten.

When I get questions from my visitors, I try to research their specific beverage by going to the manufacturer's website or just looking at other forums that might discuss whether or not they think a specific beverage is gluten free.

I found that many manufacturer's don't list their exact ingredients and I suppose that is to protect their product's proprietory recipes? Also, some manufacturer's actually state whether or not their beverages are gluten free but again some do not say anything. However, that may or may not mean they are still gluten free?

Anyway, since I do not claim to be an expert on gf alcohol and I realize the difficulty of researching specific gluten free beverages, I thought it would be wise to try and accomodate many of these questions by establishing a new gluten free alcohol discussion forum.

Please use this forum to ask questions to our website visitors and hopefully our visitors will respond based on their experiences of consuming specific gluten free alcohol beverages.

If you want to find out what I have researched regarding specific gluten free alcohol beverages or if you want to understand why certain alcoholic beverages are gluten free or why some are not then please review my Gluten Free Alcohol page to learn more!

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Ask or Answers Questions For Our Website Visitors About Gluten Free Alcohol!

Do you want to ask a question or share your experiences regarding whether or not specific alcoholic beverages are gluten free? Please use this forum to help our readers!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Does vex ruby grapefruit alcoholic beverage contain gluten 
Does vex alcoholic beverage contain gluten

Gluten free 
Can u please help me can u find out is tooheys new is gluten free thanks also tooheys extra dry

Is Godiva chocolate or white chocolate liqueur gluten free 
Is Godiva chocolate or white chocolate liqueur gluten free

O'Donnell's Irish Cream 
I can't find anything relating to O'Donnell's Irish Cream. Is it gluten free? MANY thanks in advance! Response: I'm also having trouble confirming if …

Red wines vs white 
I have had many the gluten reaction to different wines. I have found that reds are mostly out of the question since they we aged in porous oak barrels. …

What vodka coolers are made from potatoes? 
I am allergic to gluten, dairy, wheat, buckwheat, and cochineal red food dye... I have reacted to vodka made from grain and so I stay away from it, but …

Ketel One 
Kettle one is made from wheat, but I heard it was gf. How is that possible and if the distillation process makes it gf then shouldn't that mean any spirit …

Is Jack Daniels new Honey Liquer Whiskey gluten free? 
Saw a youtube clip where the master taster said they take there old no.7 whiskey and add molasses, praline notes, and caramel notes. What is a note? …

I was told that Heineken is gluten free. Is this correct? Steve's response: I do not believe it is gluten free. I pulled the following of Heineken's …

Is Tres Leches Liqueur gluten free? 
Is Tres Leches Liqueur gluten free?

baileys irish cream 
Does baileys irish cream contain gluten? Steve's response: The following is gluten free information for Bailey's that I extracted directly from …

are strongbow and tooheys ciders gluten free? Steve's response: I can't comment on Tooheys cider because I can't find anything that indicates it …

Is Captain Morgan Spiced Rum gluten fee? 
Is Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Gluten Free? Steve's answer: Yes it is gluten free. Multiple sources have verified that original spiced rum is …

Is Meyer's Dark Rum Gluten Free? 
Is Meyer's Dark Rum or all dark rums Gluten Free? Steve's response: Thanks for the question. Below is what I pulled off the manufacturer's website. …

What brands of limoncello are gluten free? Steve's response: Thanks Denice for the question. I am not 100% certain about limoncello or which brands …

Yukon Jack 
I have not been able to verify if Yukon Jack is gluten free. Icannot find a website for the product. Do you onow if it is GF? Steve's Response: …

wheat paste barrell and capt morgan 
I have Celica and DH... Everytime I drink Capt and Diet Coke I have a reaction ... my guess is that they are using wheat paste in the barrells? Does …

Is Chambord GF? Isn't Chambord cognac which is distilled grapes? I wrote the company and they replied that they receive cognacs from a variety of distillaries …

Grand Marnier 
Is Grand Marnier(gluten free)GF? Steve's Answer: Grand Marnier is a triple sec liquor that is distilled. All distilled alcohols are deemed to …

Is Guinness gluten free? 
I recently have had an allergic reaction and one of the products that I was consuming was Guinness Draught beer (in a can). I am wondering if the reaction …

Whiskey Not rated yet
Hi is there a whiskey my Dad can drink that's yeast and gluten free? His fav whiskey is Forty Creek. Thanks,

are tooheys apple cider gluten free Not rated yet
is tooheys apple cider gluten free ..

Pre mixed - Canandian Club Not rated yet
Was just wondering if pre mixed canadian clubs drinks are gluten free or not? Cheers.

Schnapps--is Dubouchett butterscotch schnapps gluten free? I am fearful of drinking anything after a very scary reaction to Absolute Vodka recently. Not rated yet
Need info about DuBouchett butterscotch schnapps? Website owner response: Sorry I couldn't find anything on the internet indicating either way? Maybe …

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vodka coolers Not rated yet
Is vex vodka coolers gluten free? Steve's response: I could not find the ingredients? But be careful with flavored alcohol beverages like because …

vodka cruiser Not rated yet
does anybody know if vodka cruiser sugar free is ok to drink with gluten alergy? thanx

Cosmopolitan  Not rated yet
Are cosmopolitan drinks gluten free? Steve's response Cosmos have vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice. Both alcohols are listed as being gluten …

ciders Not rated yet
Are apple ciders (like Strongbow) gluten free? Yes I believe it is. There was an earlier question about cider on this page (Gluten free Alcohol Q …

Virgin Daiquiri's Not rated yet
For those of us who don't drink, but like to have a virgin drink every so often.... I would like to know about the virgin daiquiri's. Is the mix gluten-free? …

O'Donnells Irish Cream Not rated yet
Is O'Donnells Irish Cream gluten free?

Otima 10 Not rated yet
Is Warre's Otima 10 port gluten free? Steve's response: Unfortunately I can't confirm it. If it is straight wine then I believe it is gluten free. …

Cooranbong and Bombora Australian Vodkas Distilled from Grapes Not rated yet
Cooranbong Vodka, which means "Water Over Rocks" in Aborigine is distilled 10 times from Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot grapes grown in Australia's …

magarita on the rocks gluten free Not rated yet
is a margarita on the rock gluten free Steve's reponse Since margarita's are made from tequila which is distilled, then the alcohol content is …

Alcohol free from wheat, gluton and yeast? Not rated yet
I know some alcohol spirits are made from wheat, barley and yeast, I have an intolerance to wheat, gluton, barley and yeast so does the distiling process …

whiskey& schnapps Not rated yet
Are Old Crow Whiskey and Peppermint Schnapps gluten-free? Steve's response: Thank you for your question. Whiskey and Schnapps both use the distilling …

pre mixed alcoholic beverages Not rated yet
Is pre mixed alcoholic drinks not gluten free? Steve's Response: Thank you for the question. This is tough to answer since it depends on the actual …

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