Gluten Contamination Can Be a Serious Situation; Read How Nick Became Very Ill After His Food Was Contaminated!

We had to learn the hard way how serious gluten contamination could be when our son began his gluten free diet.

Nick became very ill the first summer after he was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after eating french fries that had been contaminated with gluten.

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Here is how the story goes:

We decided to go to the beach one hot summer day and we decided to pack food for most of the day. Of course we brought plenty of gluten free food for Nick to eat.

Later in the day, we decided to take a walk along the beach board walk to visit shops, go to arcades etc... Of course there were many food places along the walk so we all decided to grab a snack. Since we brought plenty of gluten free food for Nick that day, he was not very hungry; however he was craven french fries.

Since french fries are potato and considered gluten free, we thought it would be fine to let him have some fries. Since he was just starting his GF diet, we really were not very aware of how his food could get contaminated? Boy, later that night did we find out! So needless to say, we bought him the fries.

Little did we know that the fryolator that was used to cook the fries was also being used to cook chicken fingers and fried fish. Both items are of course were breaded and contain plenty of gluten!

Nick ate the fries about 5:00 pm and by 10:00 pm that evening, he began to vomit. Nick ended up vomiting from 10:00 pm to about 5:00 am the next morning. He literally vomited all night. I remember my wife and I taking turns sitting with him in the bathroom all night.

We called our doctor the next day and he told us that the french fries Nick ate probably were cross contaminated with gluten. Since gluten was in the oil, it actually soaked right into the french fries!

So we all learned a very valuable lesson about gluten contamination. AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS! Click here to go back to our Gluten Free Kitchen page to see how we avoid gluten contamination.

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