gluten and yeast free

Hi, i am getting married and i would love to be able to have a gluten and yeast free alcohol drink and not be ill later. can you suggest one please? i beg you!!!thanks

Steve's reply:

Hello and thank you for your question. I have an entire gluten free alcohol web page on my website. Please see the navigation button on the left hand side. As far as what you can drink, most all alcohols that are distilled like rums, whiskey, vodka and gins are gluten free. All wines are also gluten free because they are made from distilled grapes. Most beers however are not except for the gluten free beers listed on my webpage. What you have to be careful about is some mixed drinks may have gluten. If you prefer mixed drinks, you should stick to mixing the above alcohols with softdrinks or juices. (for example, rum and coke or vodka and 7UP etc.. or just straight on the rocks. Just check with the bartendar about any drinks that a "pre-mixed". If you want my recommendation, I would suggest to drink white or red wine, rum and coke, gin and tonic or a Cosmo. Cosmo's have vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice so it should be gluten free. Again, always ask your bartendar if you are not sure. Good luck.

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Jul 20, 2012
What about yeast free?
by: Anonymous

My doc said I had to avoid all yeast for a while to check for yeast reactions. I understand about the gluten factor, what about yeast free alcoholic beverages?

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