Effects of Celiac Disease...Diet changes

by prakash
(jaipur, rajasthan, india)

I've been getting really terrible stomach soreness. After several attempts to less the problem, I went to a gastroenterologist. I'm convinced that these feelings of my uterus being sore is from Endometriosis and it still is.I was always tired and bruised easily. Finally, i went for endoscopy. Recognizing Celiac Disease is difficult because some of its symptoms are similar to those of other diseases. Perhaps the best way to diagnose Celiac Disease is by taking a biopsy, or a sample of tissue and sending it to a lab. This is done through a procedure called an Endoscopy.

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I was told that a major lifestyle change was in order. Fast foods were out, pizza, breads, pastas, most alcohols, especially beer, were excluded from my diet. I became a label reader. You would be surprised at what your are eating once you start reading labels. The list starts with the item that takes up the most weight, and continues in order of content down to the smallest part of the food. Even family and friends have made adjustments to their meals, to accommodate my allergy.I now see this as a positive thing in my life, because it has forced me to eat healthier.
Celiac's will experience fatigue, more than someone without the disease. Celiacs have a hard time digesting certain vitamins due to the resulting damage of the small intestine.

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