Diagnosed but showing no signs

My child was recently diagnosed with Celiac. She is showing no signs at all. As we make our home a gluten free home, what happens as she visits other homes (ex: other family members) that don't understand the dangers of exposure? Will a little every other weekend hurt her? Will we ever know since she doesn't show signs?

Thank you,
Michele From Mississippi

Response: Thank you Michele for your question. If your child was offically diagnosed with celiac by a medical doctor, then from what I have been told even a little gluten intake is dangerous. That is why a strict 100% gluten free diet is necessary. Some people have "hidden" celiac and show no signs but their digestive system is still being damaged when eating gluten. That sounds like the case with your child?

As far as visiting other family members/other households, I have found that simply educating them on what a gluten free diet consists of is the best advice for not exposing your child to gluten. Most people will be will usually cooperate with preparing and serving food especially when you educate them on the dangers of gluten ingestion. If our child was to go over to a friend's house, we just make sure he is fed at our home if we are not comfortable with him eating over another persons house.
I hope this helps?

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