Diagnosed at 15 months

by Shilo

My daughter now 10 spent the first year of her life at the pediatrician multiple time a week. She would spit up,screamed from colic, foul stool and failure to thrive. We were accused of starving her and neglecting her. When we were posioning her with GLUTEN!!! It was a nightmare. She was finaly diagnosed on Valentines Day and we thought it was the end of the world.We had never heard of Celiac or Gluten. The doctor couldnt tell us where to find her food. Thank goodness GF items and availability have come along way.

Steve's Response: Thanks Shilo for sharing your personal story. This sounds familar with our story of our son. However, he wasn't diagnosed until he was 8 but now that he is on a strict gluten free diet, it's like he never had a problem!

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