by Leslie Thompson
(New York)

My 11 year old niece has been diagnosed as having celiac disease and I tease my brother that he has replaced junk food with gluten free junk food. Which is expensive! I really don't understand how "kid food" became okay. Why not eat fresh fruits and vegetables with fresh fish, etc.? I discovered a web-site called "Great Taste No Pain" and she has some wonderful recipes and she talks also about how to combine food for better digestion. This is not an advertisement for her web-site, I'm writing a paper for massage school on CD and found your blog.

Here's to your health. Leslie

Steve's response:
Thank you Leslie for your submission to my website. My 15 yr old son Nick has been living on a strict gluten free diet since he was 8 years old. I can tell you that he actually has been eating healthier ever since he has completely eliminated gluten from his diet. That is because most "junk food" contains gluten. However, as you indicated, there is plenty of gluten free junk food available but your are correct that it is much more expensive. So, my son now eats more fruit and vegetables for snacks versus cookies, pies and cake. However, he does love to eat potato chips and those are gluten free so he will snack on that often but overall, he is eating much healthier now.

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