Cooking for both Gluten and Gluten Free

We found out a member of our family needs to eat gluten free. I am confused about cooking. You gave an example of making pasta separately - does this mean I need a whole set of pans for gluten free? And do I need a whole new set of mixing bowls for the foods I make gluten free? Or is it enough to just wash the pans well between cooking gluten and gluten free meals? I don't understand if I need a whole separate kitchen for each.

Steve's response - Thanks for the question. I will tell you what our family has done the past 9 years. We do not have separate bowls, pans or cooking utensils when preparing gluten free or non gluten free food. We use all cooking utensils for both as long as they have been thoroughly washed (we use a dishwasher) prior to preparing the food. Washing the cooking utensils thoroughly between meals has never caused a problem for our son who is 100% gluten free.

However, when preparing and serving both gluten and gluten free foods at the same time, we always keep them separate. Again, washing these items in between meals and re-using for gluten free cooking has not been a problem.

Note - as I mention on my site, the only cooking utensil that we dedicate specifically for gluten free is a toaster. Since that is seldom washed, we never put bread containing gluten into this toaster.

One final note, make sure you wipe down the microwave thoroughly before using it for heating gluten free food or wipe down counter tops also because you don't want crumbs or other food particles that contain gluten getting onto your GF food.

Hope this helps.

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