Constipation, Celiac disease?

by Narcy

For the past two months i've been having issues with constipation. It seems like every medication isn't working, and all of them have never given me progress. I've gone a few times, after a few trips to the emergency room, 3 enemas, laxatives, miralax, peri colace, lactulose, and the list goes on. I visited a GI doctor who told me he wanted to check for celiac disease which i didn't even realize a man could get. The side-effects for celiac disease though show that diarrhea is common not constipation. Has anyone had it and can give me some advice please?

Steve's Answer:

Constipation was one of my son's symptoms of celiac disease. You should get tested as celiac is becoming more common. It doesn't hurt to get tested with a blood test.

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