Chipotle's Mexican Grill

I have never been, but Chipotle's has a list of allergens on their website that basically makes their restaurant a great place to visit. I am g-f and dairy-free, and their website says that there are only 2 items that even have dairy in them on their menu.
They also appear to have a soft tortilla that does not contain wheat.

My son has been dying to go here, so I know this will be a place I will try soon.

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Feb 03, 2012
Eat here all the time . . .
by: Jason

Only two items at Chipotle contain wheat - the flour tortillas and the small soft tacos. There is, as always, a risk of cc but they will change their gloves and wipe down the prep area if asked. They also assemble your meal right in front of you so you can monitor what they are doing. I wrote a full review here:

Jan 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had there tacos and specifically asked if their beans or meat had gluten/wheat in them (I don't think she knew) and got EXTREMELY sick.

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