Celiac Disease

by Cookie Monster

I have been experiencing some symptoms lately so I did a little research and everything I have seems to point to Celiac Disease. The thing is, I've read many doctors are reluctant to test for it, and most dismiss it as symptoms of IBS. I really don't think it is IBS. Anyone who has Celiac Disease or has dealt with it, could you tell me if my symptoms sound similar to those of Celiac Disease (sorry if it is TMI by the way)?

Mucus in stool
Soft, generally shapeless stool
Constipation (sometimes diarrhea, but that is usually when I eat dairy (Never diagnosed lac. intol.))
Weight loss (went from 147-135 without change in diet or exercise)
Bruising (unexplained)
Frequent headaches
Rashes (I have had rashes in the past that my doctor told me were fungal rashes, I haven't had one lately though; blotchy and red but generally not itchy)

Could this be Celiac Disease, and if so, how do I get my doctor to consider testing me for it (and not just give me the brush off)?

Steve's Answer:

You definately have some of the symptoms of celiac disease. I strongly recommend you make an appointment with a good Gastroenterologist. My son was diagnosed with first a blood test then he had to have a endoscopy to confirm the damage to his small intestine by the gluten from many foods. The good news is if you do have celiac disease it can be healed by following a gluten free diet.

Good Luck!

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