Do You Have An Interesting Story or Experience About Living With Celiac Disease? Tell Us About It!

Raising awareness about celiac disease has been steadily increasing over the past several years. One reason for this is that people are sharing real life personal experiences about CD through support groups, forums or individual websites.

As I stated on our homepage, we want YOU our visitors to share your personal stories, comments, tips, suggestions about living with CD whether it is about you personally, a family member or a just a friend.

As you read through our website about our son Nick's personal story, I'm certain many of you can relate to some of his challenges. However, I'm sure you all have some different stories or experiences and we want to hear about them!

You see not only will this be beneficial to all our visitors, it will be beneficial for our family also.

We ask that you click on the links below to pick a topic you might want to share with us. We will read your story and more than likely post it on our site for others to see and comment about. I think you would be interested to see what others say about your specific experience so please DON'T BE SHY!

Tell Us About Your Favorite Gluten Free Foods

Tell Us About Your Favorite Gluten Free Restaurants

Tell Us About Your Specific CD Symptoms

Did You Get Misdiagnosed With Any Other Associated Disease? Tell Us!

Celiac Disease discussion forum! Share your personal insights with our visitors!

Do you have any good information or personal insights about living with celiac disease and following a gluten free diet that you would like to share with our visitors? Tips or advice? Personal Stories? Favorite Gluten Free Food? Gluten Free Recipes? Anything else? Please share them with us!

I may post your story on this site and others can comment about it!!

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Realtime experience with Celiac Disease  
First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some experiences on Celiac Disease. My grand mother suffered from …

Celiac Dog 
Not a personal experience but I don't think my dog could type this out himself so I shall act as a transcriber for him! The poor chap is HIGHLY intolerant …

My mother's precaution on Celiac Disease! 
Hi ! This is a great forum that you have started and hope it really helps many who are in trouble. My mother was one who was suffering from Coeliac …

I love gluten but gluten hates me! Not rated yet
I am 49 years old and I have celiac since I was at least five year old! I have struggle all my life. I always have been ashame of my condition. I have …

Research Summary Not rated yet
My instructor for school wants us to post a summary of our research papers. so here it goes.... Celiac Disease is a growing disease, It can be hard …

Celiac Disease - so what! Not rated yet
2 months ago I was diagnoced with celiac disease. I was revealed - finally I can start to recover and be followed up by my doctor, I thought. My expectations …

recent ceoliac Not rated yet
I was only recently diagnosed with ceoliac disease, having only been on my diet less than a year and am still being monitored by my hospital. I was a silent …

Color me a 53 year old Celiac...a survivor!!! Not rated yet
I am a survivor of undiagnosed Celiac Disease from probable birth (1958) until 2003 and chronic Lyme Disease/Tertiary latent type, also misdiagnosed from …

Gluten free girl! Not rated yet
My Gluten Free Journey has been a long one, struggling with average health, annoying, frustrating symptoms, and often looking for answers. Being diagnosed …

An answer to the questions I never thought to ask.  Not rated yet
At the age of 21 I considered myself a very healthy person. I was active and took a lot of care to eat a balanced diet. Around exams for my final year …

Effects of Celiac Disease...Diet changes  Not rated yet
I've been getting really terrible stomach soreness. After several attempts to less the problem, I went to a gastroenterologist. I'm convinced that these …

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