Celiac Disease - so what!

by Caroline
(Melbourne, Australia)

2 months ago I was diagnoced with celiac disease. I was revealed - finally I can start to recover and be followed up by my doctor, I thought.
My expectations was really high, so I was disappointed when finding no improvements after 2 months of strict gf diet.
After some days of research and reading a lot of toxic articles, I found myself depressed. Reading about how seliacs slowly die and that my estimated age of death would be in my 40s or maybe 50s being diagnoced in my 30s, did not really help me feeling any better! But then I came across this article telling me one very important thing: new research suggests that coeliac disease sufferers are more likely to worry themselves to death with all the bad news medicine is telling them than from the diseases they are suppose to develop.
So with this in my mind, I am stopping reading and just simply stick to my gf diet. I believe in positive thinking and I am sure that I will live one long and heathy life - sucking it all in! So, don't worry be happy!

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