An Introduction to Nick's Personal Story of Celiac Disease

Diagnosing celiac disease can sometimes take years to determine. In Nick's case it took the first 8 years of his life to get to the bottom of what was causing his many celiac symptoms and his gluten intolerance symptoms.

My name is Steve and my wife Karen and I want to share our story of how our son Nick was diagnosed with CD. Nick is the youngest of our three children and he is the only one in our family that has CD. Nick was diagnosed with CD at age 8 but his story really started when he was an infant.

Medically speaking, the first 8 years of Nick's life were filled with much physical discomfort and as for us his parents, often times of frustration and confusion. We were wondering why our son frequently complained of belly aches at such a young age and why it took so long to diagnose him correctly with an intolerance to gluten?

Nick's story will be told in chronological order. We will offer you our vistors an opportunity to share similar real life stories as you read about Nick's.

Please click on this link to read about Nick's early sign's of CD as an infant/toddler. Nick's Early Signs of Celiac Disease as an Infant &Toddler

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