Nick's Early Signs of Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance

Nick demonstrated a few early signs of celiac disease when he was an infant and into his toddler years.

The first visible sign was that he used to spit up quite often, more often than our other two children did as infants. Of course we were not too concerned since all babies do spit up. However, in hind sight, we think it was evidence of the first stages of his intolerance to gluten which can be found in most baby formula (or at least it was in his baby formula that he drank as an infant).

Another early sign that became apparent was that as a toddler, Nick would have dry skin or "chicken" skin. We believe that was also an early sign of his gluten intolerance. Dry skin and skin rashes are symptoms of CD.

Click on this link to learn specifically which symptoms Nick demonstrated during early childhood (ages 3 - 7) and prior to his final diagnosis at age 8. Nick's Symptoms of Celiac Disease

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