Baking for others...

by Laura

If my test results come back positive (as I am almost 100%) positive they will, do I have to stop baking regular baked goods for others? Is gluten absorbed through skin? What about breathing it, etc. Do I have to stop baking with flour (the wheat/barley/rye kind)? I love to bake... Eeeeeek!

Steve's response: Thank you Laura for the question. Based on research I have done, it is determined the protein molecules in gluten are too large to be absorbed through the skin. You can look at or to read doctors statements on this. Our son never had an issue of touching food containing gluten. However, if you are baking, you need to be careful not to ingest the dough or any food containing gluten thorugh your mouth so I would suggest washing your hands thoroughly after you are done your baking.

As far as breathing gluten, I haven't heard or read about this being an issue however, I can not guarantee this. I would suggest you check with your doctor.

Hope this helps?

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Dec 29, 2011
Gluten flours
by: Anonymous

If baking for others with gluten - bread , cookies etc. do be careful with the flour in the air. It can be breathe in and cause problems. I bake when at my families and have become ill because of flour flying around in the air. Always wear a mask when baking with gluten flours.

Nov 29, 2011
Grain Allergy vs Celiac
by: Michelle

Such a good question that I wish more gluten-free people would ask. This may come down to the question of whether or not you are ALSO ”allergic” to certain grains (i.e. Wheat, barley, rye, etc) or soley ”celiac”. Often Celiac is quoted as an allergy to gluten when it is not. Celiac Disease is an auto-immune disorder. Yes, some may also share an allergy to certain grains, but an automatic allergy classification should not be assumed. I personally respond negatively to even distilled white vinegar or the mere steam from the oven baking a pie crust. Could this be a high sensitivity to gluten or an allergy that even a distilled process cannot erase??? I don't know..... and likely you won't know for yourself either. You can pay attention to your body's responses however and go from there. I caution you to always be careful & take no ingredient for granite.

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