At what point is it obvious you may have Celiac disease?

by Rissa

I think I may have it. For the past 2 years I have a pain that I beleive originates in my colon. It's a gnawing sort of dull pain on my right mid side accompained by low back pain. The pain seems to come on about an hour after eating gluten or very bready/ starchy foods. Since I discovered it may be gluten causing the pain, I've cut way back on gluten but the digestive problems I have seem to keep going on. Warning this is probably TMI ! .. I read that one of the most common signs you have celiac is if you have frequent diarrea. I occasionally have it but I more commonly constipated. Other digestive problems I have are gas, acid stomouch/ bile/ heartburn, and burping. All the other symptoms of Celiac's I seem to have.. dehydrated, mild depression, foggy brain, irritability, and just plain feeling sick. Are my symptoms severs enough to spend money on a doctor at this point (don't have insurance and am poor right now) or should I wait it out. Need some advice! Thanks!

Steve's Answer:

My son Nick's symptoms were very similar to yours. Mostly he had indigestion, abdominal pain and was constipated. He was misdiagnosed at first with acid reflux.

I believe your symptoms are severe enough that you should ask your doctor to test you for celiac disease. It is a simple blood test that will indicate antibodies in your blood that are trying to fight the gluten. You may not have celiac disease but very well could be gluten intolerant? You should ask your doctor about that also.

If you can't afford a blood test, then ask your doctor about going on a strict 100% gluten free diet for about 2 or 3 months. You stated that you "cut way back" on gluten. Unfortunately, if you have celiac disease even a trace of gluten can keep you feeling sick..

Good luck!

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