Alcohol free from wheat, gluton and yeast?

by Thomas Paul Foley
(Carlow Ireland)

I know some alcohol spirits are made from wheat, barley and yeast, I have an intolerance to wheat, gluton, barley and yeast so does the distiling process kill the above making them safe to consume? if so which ones?

Steve's response: Thanks for the question. Based on the research I have done and the many articles on this topic, gluten is removed in the distilling process of alcohol and therefore safe. The only "watch out" is if flavoring is added to the alcohol as some flavoring may not be safe. However, pure grain distilled alcohol like gin, whisky, vodka, rum is stated to be safe. You can refer to my "Gluten Free Alcohol" page and see what others are saying. Also, you can refer to the following article from a PHd in chemistry who has celiac disease and she does a great job explaining how distilled alcohol is safe for celiacs.

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