About Me and Why I Built This Site

Thank you for taking the time more to learn more about me and my website www.gluten-free-for-life.com. I want to introduce myself so you know why I decided to build this site.

About Me

My name is Steve and I am a husband and father of three children. We live outside of Boston, Massachusetts. My wife "Karen" and I raised three great children, two of which are now young adults "Ross" and "Erica" and my youngest child "Nick" is now 16 and a sophomore in high school.

Nick's Success Story

This website shares my son Nick's success story of how he overcame a very difficult and painful disease called celiac disease. I would encourage you to read Nick's personal story here on my site. I think personalizing Nick's story really helps others just diagnosed with CD. I believe people similar to Nick can relate to what he went through prior to being diagnosed.

So how & why did he succeed?

One answer, one miracle cure - Nick switched his diet to a 100% strict gluten free diet as soon as he was diagnosed at age 8.

As you read his story, you'll see how prior to being diagnosed, Nick had big problems eating bread, pasta, cookies, cake or anything with wheat, rye and barley. He experienced much too much stomach pain for such a young child. My wife and I were frustrated because no one could understand why. His personal story tells it all from how he was misdiagnosed to how he eventually overcame his stomach problems.

Nick was heading down a path of malnutrition (a very serious side effect of celiac disease) along with living in constant pain. Today, his story is a happy one because at age 16 he stands just over 6ft tall, weighs 190 lbs, plays both high school football and baseball and is a high honor student.....far from being malnutritioned! Without a gluten free diet, this would be a very different and unhappy story for Nick.

Why did I build this site?

Nick's success in beating celiac disease is my #1 motivation for creating this site. His success has turned into my passion to not only share his story but to also bring awareness to celiac disease so other's can succeed in overcoming this difficult disease. Nothing beats a real life personal story, especially when it has a happy ending like Nick's!

So this site is dedicated to Nick and all those people who suffer with celiac disease. Through Nick's experiences as a young child and over the last 8 years, I have gained valuable knowledge of what celiac disease is and how to help him live gluten free. I wanted to share this knowledge with others.

As I state on my site, I am not a doctor so I will leave it up to the doctors to describe what happens in the human body and the digestive system in celiac disease patients. Rather my expertise is as a parent of a child with celiac disease. As parents, my wife and I obviously have a vested interest in learning and understanding as much about CD as any doctor.

So there it is..our story, a little about me and why I built this site. I hope you read through the several pages I have written and also read what other people are saying about CD, gluten free food, restaurants etc.. there is also a place there to ask questions to me directly. Please feel free. I love answering questions especially if it will help others better deal and cope with CD.

Just a word on "how" I built this site. If you would like to learn more about "how" I built this site, please click here to go to my How I Built This Site page. Maybe you may want to start your own website about your own passion, success story, small business, promote a product or niche of yours? I explain how I built www.gluten-free-for life.com.

I hope you find my site informative and useful.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to ask questions or just comment on my site. I welcome your feedback!

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