Living with Celiac Disease; A Real Life Story!

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This website is a personal story about celiac disease (also named ceoliac disease) and our 16 year old son (Nick) who was diagnosed with celiac disease (CD) at the age of 8. We are happy to say that Nick is living a very happy and healthy life!

So what do we really hope to accomplish with Nick's story and the information on our site?

That's easy!

Our goal with this site is to share our personal experiences about how Nick deals with CD every day. Over the past 8 years, our family has acquired valuable insight of how Nick deals with the day to day challenges that CD has to offer such as his intolerance to the gluten protein which can be found in wheat, rye and barley.

We realize that there are many excellent informative websites out there that define exactly what CD is and also provide a thorough understanding of the medical issues surronding the disease.

However, we do not claim to be experts on celiac disease, rather we claim to be experts when it comes to supporting a family member that has to live with it! We want to invite you into our life to show you how we help Nick overcome some of these daily challenges that he faces.

Through Nick's story, we will discuss how he maintains a strict gluten free diet and how he overcomes and conquers specific daily challenges that a gluten free diet will often present.

Also through Nick's personal story you will learn about his celiac symptoms, his diagnosis, his mis-diagnosis, his favorite gluten free foods, where we shop for GF food, and his favorite gluten free restaurants.

We will even discuss how he deals with eating gluten free at sports stadiums, at birthday parties, during school lunches, on vacation at places like Walt Disney World, family barbecues and holidays.

We will also describe a bad situation involving gluten contamination that Nick encountered right after he was first diagnosed.

We also want YOU our visitors to share your personal stories about living with CD. We want this site to be informative for everyone and for all of us to learn from each other.

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Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you found it useful, interesting and informative!

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